World Miracle Outreach Ministries

Who Is Our Senior Pastor?

Pastor Ralph (Rajkumar) Bidaisee was born in Trinidad (El Dorado Village). He was converted at a young age from a Hindu background, after his father received a miraculous healing from the God. Following this he felt an urgent desire to expand his knowledge of God  and the scriptures and did so by pursuing theological studies at Central Mission Foundation, after which he became the youth pastor at New Life Temple (Pentecostal Church/Trinidad).

Pastor Ralph migrated to the United States in 1990 where he pursued further biblical studies earning a bachelor's degree from Canon Bible College. He established the Bronx Full Gospel Tabernacle in 1994 where he continued to minister the word of the Lord. His continuing burning desire and mission is to see men and women come to know the glorious salvation of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Pastor Ralph had a personal encounter with the Lord in 2005, when he suffered two massive strokes that left him with brain damage. After the second stroke, he went into a coma with clogged arteries with multiple organs shutting down. He was pronounced dead until by a miracle of God, he was revived. With severe physical disabilities, unable to walk, speak or able to perform the routine functions of daily life, he spent two years in a nursing home rehabilitation center. His wife, Christine, stood by his side and with godly grace and courage, persevered to care for and encourage him through his rehabilitation. Night after night, they would pray for him to walk again. Slowly, BUT surely, God's grace began to manifest as Pastor began to take baby steps to walk, to stand and to speak.

In 2013, Pastor Ralph was diagnosed with cancer. Again, through prayer, he received a miracle of healing Today, Pastor Ralph is walking, speaking and is cancer free.

Pastor's Word

When God Walks in your furnace

King Nebuchadnezzar, full of conceit and self delusion, became the perpetrator of false worship. He set up an image of himself, and the imperial imposter commanded the people of his kingdom to bow in worship. Failure to comply would result in being thrown into a fiery furnace. Three young Hebrews boys refused to compromise their conviction, sell their souls or to bow to a buffoon. This attitude of resistance incensed the oppressor. The king, with all his royalty and regalia, his pomp and his pageantry, was impotent to make these worshipping warriors flinch. With a banner unfurled and thunder in their voices, their resounding response to the king's edict was " we will not bow".

Lives that are bowed in worship to God will never capitulate to the pressure of circumstance, nor will they do obeissance to false gods. Daniel 3:19 says that the king was full of fury. The very thing he wanted from them, was the very thing that was reserved for the Heart of God. With unabashed loyalty, they resisted the ferocious assault. It is this Spirit-Born worship that infuriates the devil. Now he has found out that there are those who will not be caught in the cauldron of self-gratification, self-absorption and self-indulgence. No temptation will thwart the divine design for the true worshippers. No external assault, circumstantial presence, or seductive suggestion will discourage or detour these Lions of God. To ensure that death was certain and destruction inevitable, the king ordered the furnace to be heated seven times more than normal.

Now, remember, that a miracle of national importance is on the way. Three worshipping warriors must do spiritual battle in an overheated, hell created fire. Let it be known that the overheating of our trial, suffering and circumstance is not an indictment to immediate annihilation. Many times, the overheating of the furnace is only the result of extreme panic, exuding from a petrified enemy. It is not a coincidence that the greatest heat preceded the most profound breakout of God's power.  God is about to break through in your situation, in your circumstance, in your life. Do not be afraid, but walk in confidence that in the midst of the fire, God is walking with you. Isa 43:2 says " ...When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned;  the flames will not set you ablaze.